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June 30th

We are excited to announce that our website is becoming more functional than ever! We are dedicated to the continued improvement and implementation of new features, tools, and products to help with your projects.

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Technical and ICC Reports

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Mechanical Anchors

Simpson Titen HD (Concrete) ESR-2713
Simpson Titen HD (Masonry) ESR-1056
Simpson Strong-Bolt    ESR-1771
Simpson Strong-Bolt 2 ESR-3037
Simpson Wedge-All   ESR-1396
Simpson Rod Hanger  ESR-2713



Simpson Set XP   ESR-2508
Simpson Set   ESR-1772
Simpson AT ER-5791
SImpson ET     ER-4945



Elco Dril-Flex  ER-4780


For additional ICC Reports please visit   ICC Evaluation Service

Additional certifications available upon request.

Please contact Rich Kemper at kemperr@portlandfasteners.com